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Here are a few use cases for this project:

Use Case 1: Road Safety Monitoring helmetProject can be used to monitor traffic, identify motorcyclists or cyclists wearing helmets, and collect data to address areas with a low rate of helmet usage. This information can assist traffic authorities to develop targeted safety campaigns and enforce helmet laws more effectively.

Use Case 2: Insurance Claim Verification Insurance companies can use helmetProject to analyze images from accidents involving motorcyclists or cyclists. By determining whether the rider was wearing a helmet, insurance companies can evaluate claims more accurately and potentially reduce fraud.

Use Case 3: Sporting Event Analysis In various sports like motorcycle racing, BMX, and mountain biking, helmetProject can help event organizers, coaches, or referees monitor athletes to ensure compliance with safety regulations, such as mandatory helmet use during competitions.

Use Case 4: Workplace Safety Enforcement For industries where the use of safety helmets is essential, helmetProject can be integrated with on-site cameras to monitor employees and alert supervisors if someone is not wearing a helmet. This can help improve workplace safety compliance and reduce accidents.

Use Case 5: Helmet Sales and Marketing Research Companies manufacturing or selling helmets can utilize helmetProject to analyze images of people using helmets across social media platforms or during public events. Understanding which styles and types of helmets are popular can assist these companies in developing targeted marketing strategies and new product designs.

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