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Project Overview Creating a model to detect deer when driving down the road

Classes There are 3 categories used to create the class for each photo. Example: buck_front_standing

  1. Deer type - buck, doe, fawn; help model in case it improves results to distinguish between having antlers or not, having spots or not, etc
  2. View of deer - front, rear, side; not only to help the model identify a deer that looks different from different angles (2 legs from the front) but also in case long term there is usefulness in identifying that a deer is running towards the road or away from it
  3. Activity - standing, walking, running, eating; again, both to help the model but also for "threat" assessment as you drive and need to understand the current state of the deer

Status/Timeline Initial images loaded (c. 60) to experiment with. Hope to have a larger dataset by 2023

Contribution and Labeling Guidelines Any and all are welcome! We especially need deer in settings around roads.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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buck_front_eating buck_front_standing buck_front_walking buck_rear_eating buck_rear_running buck_rear_standing buck_side_eating buck_side_running buck_side_standing buck_side_walking doe_front_eating doe_front_running doe_front_standing doe_rear_eating doe_rear_standing doe_rear_walking doe_side_eating doe_side_jumping doe_side_laying doe_side_running doe_side_standing doe_side_walking fawn_front_standing fawn_rear_running fawn_rear_standing fawn_side_eating fawn_side_running fawn_side_standing fawn_side_walking