Football-Player-Detection Computer Vision Project

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Football (soccer) player and football (soccer) ball detection dataset from Augmented Startups.

  • Project Type: Object Detection
  • Labeled/Annotated with: Bounding boxes


  • football, player

How to Use:

This is a great starter-dataset for those wanting to test player and/or ball-tracking for football (soccer) games with the Deploy Tab, or the Deployment device and method of their choice.

Images can also be Cloned to another project to continue iterating on the project and model. World Cup, Premier League, La Liga, Major League Soccer (MLS) and/or Champions League computer vision projects, anyone?

Roboflow offers AutoML model training - Roboflow Train, and the ability to import and export up to 30 different annotation formats. Leaving you flexibility to deploy directly with a Roboflow Train model, or use Roboflow to prepare and manage datasets, and train and deploy with the custom model architecture of your choice +

Tips for Model and Dataset Improvement:

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Project Type

Object Detection




football, player


CC BY 4.0