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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Workplace Safety Compliance: In a construction setting or other high risk workplaces, this model can be used to check whether all safety standards are being met. It can identify whether the workers are wearing the right safety gear like helmets, gloves, safety shoes, goggles and safety harnesses.

  2. Automated Surveillance System: In an industrial setting, the model can be integrated into a surveillance system to detect any violations of safety protocols, such as not wearing a helmet or breathing apparatus when required. Alerts can then be sent to the control room for immediate action.

  3. Training and Education: Data from this model could be used in occupational safety and health training programs to visually demonstrate and reinforce the importance of proper protective equipment use.

  4. Safety Equipment Manufacturers: Manufacturers of safety equipment could use this model for product testing and development. By analyzing images from various workplaces, the manufacturers could understand common usage patterns and improve their products accordingly.

  5. Insurance Industry: This model could be used by insurance companies to assess risks at a client's site, by checking whether employees regularly use safety gear. This could influence the insurance premium of a workplace insurance policy.

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