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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Sentiment Analysis: The "queue2" model can be used to detect engagement and emotional expressions between people in a given setting. For instance, in scenarios like a business meeting or a social gathering, understanding expressions and body language may provide valuable insights.

  2. Safety Monitoring: The model can be utilized in safety systems such as CCTV monitoring, where identifying people’s interactions in a specific space can help to ensure public safety.

  3. Social Networking: This model can find utility in social network applications to tag friends in a photos based on their poses and interactions.

  4. Behavioral Study: In research fields, this model can help in studying people's behavior in group settings or identifying patterns in social interactions.

  5. Customer Experience Management: In retail or event settings, businesses can use this model for managing crowd, measuring customer satisfaction levels or improvising on customer experiences.

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