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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Multi-person Identification: The "sana sana" model can be utilized in scenarios where multiple individual recognition is required, like family reunions, business meetings or public events.

  2. Crowd Management: This could be used in large public gatherings like concerts, protests, or sports events for crowd management and safety purposes through identifying different people classes.

  3. Retail Insights: Shops or businesses can use the model to study customer behavior by identifying different individuals within their store. This can help in developing a better understanding of consumer patterns.

  4. Home Security: The model can be integrated with home security systems to identify the presence of different individuals, triggering alarms for unrecognized person classes.

  5. Interactive Experiences: The model could be used in creating interactive exhibits or gaming experiences where the actions of different individuals can control different aspects of the interactive experience.

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