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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agriculture Automation: This model can be used in the automation sector of agriculture where AI-powered drones and robotic machinery are utilized. They can use this model to identify specific types of weed in crop fields.

  2. Bio-diversity Monitoring: This model can be helpful in monitoring and studying biodiversity in various regions. The specificity in weed identification could allow for tracking the spread of invasive species and monitoring the success of eradication programs.

  3. Environment Preservation: Use this model to identify whether protected natural areas are being invaded by non-native, potentionally harmful species. This will allow for timely interventions and weed eradication to ensure environment preservation.

  4. Gardening Aid: Use this model to assist gardeners and landscapers in identifying and managing weeds in recreational and residential settings.

  5. Pesticide Management: The model can be utilized by pesticide companies to develop products specific to harmful weed classes. The company could take image samples from various locations and determine the dominant weed that needs to be managed.

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