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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Pollination Research: Researchers studying pollination can use this model to identify the presence of APISME bees in recorded footage or images from specific flower fields. This can effectively contribute to studies correlating specific bee types with pollination effectiveness.

  2. Biodiversity Monitoring: The model could be integrated into monitoring systems in biodiverse environments like nature reserves or botanical gardens to track the presence and activity of APISME bees species, which would generate valuable data about these ecosystems' health.

  3. Enhancing Beekeeping Industry: Beekeepers can use this tool for real-time monitoring of their bee colonies. Distinguishing between various bee classes could help in observing behaviors, growth, and health conditions, contributing to improved beekeeping practices.

  4. Education and Knowledge Dissemination: The model can be used in educational applications, helping students and interested individuals learn more about different bee types and recognizing them in different environments.

  5. Conservation Efforts: Conservationists and biologists can use this model to quickly identify APISME bees in their images, helping track populations and understand possible threats or changes in their habitats. This can lead to more effective conservation strategies and policies.

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