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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Public Transport Monitoring: Using the APC Person Annotation model to monitor the occupancy and movement of passengers in buses, trains, or subways, improving transportation efficiency and safety.

  2. Crowd Management: Applying the model to analyze and improve crowd flow in large public venues like concerts, sports events, or shopping malls by detecting and counting people, allowing for better crowd control and emergency response preparation.

  3. Retail Analytics: Utilizing the model to track customer foot traffic in-store, identify popular areas, and optimize store layouts, ultimately enhancing the customer shopping experience and increasing sales.

  4. Smart Security Surveillance: Implementing the APC Person Annotation model in surveillance systems to identify unauthorized individuals or potential threats in restricted areas and provide real-time alerts to security personnel.

  5. Elderly and Vulnerable Person Care: Integrating the model into smart home systems or healthcare facilities to monitor the well-being of elderly or disabled individuals, ensuring their safety and enabling prompt assistance when necessary.

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