Car Crash Severity Detection

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Car Crash Severity Detection Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Accident Response Systems: Emergency services could use the "Car Crash Severity Detection" model to assess the severity of the accidents in real-time via surveillance cameras. This could help in prioritizing and optimizing their response efforts based on the urgency of each accident scenario.

  2. Insurance Claim Processing: Insurance companies might use this model to evaluate accident damage and determine claim value. With car accident severity classified accurately, insurance adjusters can start the claim process more effectively by having an initial understanding of possible damage.

  3. Traffic Management: Traffic control centers can take advantage of this model to monitor road conditions. This model can assist in identifying and categorizing road accidents, thus providing insights for traffic management and rerouting to avoid congestion.

  4. Autonomous Vehicle Systems: The model could be integrated into the system of self-driving cars to identify and categorize the severity of accidents they encounter. This can further contribute to the learning and decision-making mechanisms of these autonomous systems.

  5. Road Safety Research: Researchers and city planners can use this model within their studies to analyze and understand patterns in car accident severity. This can lead to development of safer roads, improved traffic rules and effective driver behavior awareness programs.

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