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Object Detection

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Surveillance System Enhancement: This model can be used in surveillance systems installed in public areas, transportation systems or businesses. It can identify threats like weapons and fire, helping to prompt a quick response from security or emergency services.

  2. Smoking Identification: Businesses or facilities have designated indoor and outdoor smoking areas. This system can recognise people smoking cigarettes outside of the designated areas, helping to ensure rules are followed.

  3. Safety Monitoring in Schools: The model can be incorporated into a school's CCTV system to identify potential threats or safety breaches (like presence of weapons or fire) hence triggering prompt action.

  4. Social Media Content Moderation: It can be utilized by social media platforms to automatically filter out content that depicts violence (identified by weapons and fights) or explicit smoking scenes, helping to ensure a safer online environment.

  5. Home Security Systems: This model can be integrated into home security systems to alert homeowners if someone unrecognized (by face recognition) approaches, or if there are potential dangers such as fire.

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