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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Traffic Monitoring System: "Oblique" can be applied for high-performance traffic monitoring systems, enabling the identification of different vehicle types and pedestrians, thereby providing rich data to manage traffic efficiently or to design better traffic policies.

  2. Automated Parking Systems: The model can be used for developing automated parking systems, where different types of vehicles could be identified and accommodated accordingly.

  3. Security Surveillance: In case of theft, accidents, or any other security-related incidents, "Oblique" could help identify the class of vehicle involved. This information can be vital for law enforcement agencies.

  4. Autonomous Driving: The model can be beneficial in building autonomous driving systems, helping self-driving vehicles recognize and classify various objects on the road, ensuring safer navigation.

  5. Traffic Breach Detection: The algorithm can aid in traffic rule violation detection like identifying whether a specific type of vehicle is allowed into a specific road segment or parking area at a certain time or not.

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