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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Road Safety Systems: The "seat_belt and mobile" model can be used to develop a system that alerts drivers if they are not wearing seat belts or if they are using mobile while driving. This can contribute significantly to road safety.

  2. Accident Investigations: The model can be utilized as a means of data collection in accident investigations. By recognizing whether or not the involved party was wearing a seat belt and usage of mobile at the time of the accident, a clearer picture of the events leading to the accident can be understood.

  3. Driver Behavior Studies: Researchers can use the computer vision model to monitor and assess drivers' behaviors over time, which can contribute to studies on driver attentiveness, distraction, and general safety practices.

  4. Insurance Assessments: The 'seat_belt and mobile' model can help insurance companies assess the risk levels of drivers. This can be used to adjust premium rates and penalties based on driver habits and real-time observance of regulations.

  5. Driving Schools and Test Centers: The model can be applied to monitor learner drivers during their training or testing periods, ensuring they follow good practices such as using seat belts and not becoming distracted by mobile devices.

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