Honey_bees_dataset Image Dataset

Background Information

This dataset was curated and annotated by Ahmed Elmogtaba Abdelaziz.

The original dataset (v6) is composed of 204 images of honeybees present in a wide variety of scenes.
Example of an Annotated Image from the Dataset

The dataset is available under a Public License.

Getting Started

You can download this dataset for use within your own projects, or fork it into a workspace on Roboflow to create your own model.

Dataset Versions

Version 5 - 490 images

  • Preprocessing: Resize, 416 by 416
  • Augmentations:
  • 90° Rotate: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise
    Rotation: Between -15° and +15°
    Saturation: Between -10% and +10%
    Brightness: Between -10% and +10%
    Blur: Up to 0.25px
    Mosaic: Applied
  • Output: 3x image generation



Last Updated

5 months ago

Project Type

Object Detection




CC BY 4.0