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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Scientific Research: Researchers studying particle physics could utilize the "02_actual_model" to automatically identify and categorize particles in cloud-chamber images, saving time and helping to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their work.

  2. Education: Professors and teachers in the field of physics could use this model as a teaching tool to help students learn and understand different particles. It could be utilized in both online and traditional classroom settings.

  3. Quality Control in Particle Accelerators: The model could be used for real-time monitoring and analysis of particles within accelerators to ensure their proper functioning and detect any abnormalities in the particle production process.

  4. Environmental Monitoring: The model could be integrated within tools used for radiation detection and monitoring. This would facilitate quick identification of different particles in the air or soil and could be particularly useful in nuclear disaster zones.

  5. Space Research: Astronauts or probes in space could use the model to identify and study cosmic rays and particles, such as muon flux in the space environment. This could provide valuable information for studies regarding space weather or extraterrestrial life.

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alpha, electron, muon, proton

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