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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Harbor Traffic Management: The model can be used by port authorities to manage traffic efficiently by identifying the class of the incoming ships and monitoring the availability of free space at the piers.

  2. Maritime Defense and Security: National defense organizations can use "1127" to facilitate ship type identification, helping to detect anomalies or potentially unauthorized naval vessels approaching territorial waters.

  3. Marine Search and Rescue (SAR): By identifying ship classes and monitoring the free space on open water, this model could assist SAR teams during rescue missions, making it easier to locate stranded or distressed vessels.

  4. Infrastructure Maintenance: Port administrators could use the model to assist in determining the maintenance schedule based on the frequency and types of ships docking on specific piers.

  5. Marine Environment Management: This model could aid in monitoring maritime activities in environmentally sensitive areas, by identifying ship classes and thus predicting possible environmental impacts based on the identified ship classes.

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