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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Timber Quality Inspection: The model could be used during the lumber production process to identify wood pieces with excess impurities or pits. This could help classify wooden planks for different purposes based on their quality, thus saving costs and ensuring product quality.

  2. Restoration and Conservation: Art restoration specialists and conservators may use this model for identifying and analyzing damage or degradation level in wood-based artworks or historic artifacts, helping them to plan and execute appropriate restoration techniques.

  3. Construction Industry: The model might be used to scan wood construction materials for imperfections that could affect structural integrity. It would help in preventing potential problems before the construction phase.

  4. Furniture production: In crafting high-quality furniture, manufacturers could use this model to assess wood quality, enabling them to ensure only high-quality materials are used.

  5. Forestry Management: Forestry departments can leverage this model to assess the health and quality of forested areas, recognizing potential disease or pest activity earlier on by looking for impurities or pits in tree bark or wood.

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