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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Wildlife Conservation: Researchers and wildlife conservationists can use the "deer_thermal_scope" model to monitor deer populations in their natural habitats during the night or in low light conditions where it might be challenging for humans to accurately observe.

  2. Hunting Aid: Hunters could integrate the model into thermal imaging optics, allowing them to properly identify deer in darkness or obscured environments, promoting ethical hunting practices.

  3. Road-Safety Measures: Transport authorities might utilize the model to build advanced warning systems that alert drivers of deer's presence on or nearby roads during night time, helping to reduce vehicle-animal collisions.

  4. Agriculture Protection: The model can be used to set up an automated surveillance system that alerts farmers when deer enter their fields or gardens, protecting crops and preventing damages.

  5. Academic Research: The model can also be useful in academic research, such as behavioral studies of deer in different lighting conditions or understanding migration patterns. This could include studying how temperature impacts deer behavior and movement, as it uses thermal scoped data.

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