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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agricultural Pest Control: The model can be utilized in smart agricultural systems to identify and quantify the presence of scale insects on crops or orchards. This helps farmers actively monitor pest infestation and apply necessary treatments on time, thus avoiding damage to yields.

  2. Biodiversity Research: Ecologists and researchers studying biodiversity can use the model to monitor the presence and distribution of various classes of scale insects in different ecosystems, contributing to a better understanding of their ecological roles and patterns.

  3. Gardening App: A gardening app can use the model to help users identify scale insect infestation on their plants. The app would provide guidance to users based on the type of scale insect detected.

  4. Plant Nursery Management: The model can be incorporated into the systems of plant nurseries and greenhouses to monitor plant health and detect scale insect infestation early. This helps maintain the inventory quality and protect the health of plants provided to customers.

  5. Educational Tools: The model can be used in the development of educational resources and tools, particularly in the field of entomology. This can aid students and educators in gaining knowledge about different scale insect classes and their visual identification.

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