Instance Segmentation

Car-dataset-5000 Computer Vision Project


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Instance Segmentation



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CC BY 4.0


Antenna Back_Front_Tyre Back_Left_Tyre Back_Righr_Tyre Back_Right_Tyre Badge Boot_Tank Bumber_Front Bumber_R Bumper_Front Bumper_Rear Doo_Handle_Front_Right Door_Front Door_Front_Left Door_Front_Right Door_Handle--R Door_Handle_Front_Left Door_Handle_Front_Right Door_Handle_Front_Right\ Door_Handle_Front_Roght Door_Handle_Rear Door_Handle_Rear_Left Door_Handle_Rear_Right Door_Handle_Reart_Right Door_Handle_Right_Left Door_Hanns Door_Rear Door_Rear_Handle_Right Door_Rear_Left Door_Rear_Right Door_Right_Left Fender_Front_Right Fender_Rear Fender_Rear_Right Fender_Rear_Right\ Front_Fender Front_Rear_Tyre Front_Right_Tyre Fuel_Cup Fuel_cup Headlight_Rig Headlight_Right Hood Lower_Body_Panel_Right Mirror Out_Door_Handle Outer_Door_Handle Pillar_Front_Right Pillar_Middle_Right Pillar_Rear_Right Qender_Rear Quarter_Panel Quarter_Rear Quarter_Rear_Left Quarter_Rear_Right Quarter_Window_Right Quater window Rear_Breack_Light Rear_Breack_Light_Left Rear_Break_Light Rear_Break_Light_Left Rear_Fender_Right Rear_Glass_Wiper Rear_Windshield Reverse_Back_Light Reverse_Back_Light_Left Reverse_Back_Light_left Side_Mirror_Right Spoiler Tail -Light-Left Tail-Light-Right Tail_Light_Left Tail_Light_Right Trunk_Cover Trunk_cover Wgee Wheel_From_Rear Wheel_Front_Right Wheel_Front_RightR Wheel_Rear_Right Windos Window_Font_Right Window_Front Window_Front_Right Window_Middle_Right Window_Rear Window_Rear_Left Window_Rear_Right Windshield_Frint Windshield_Front Windshield_Rear boot tank bumper rear door front right door handle door handle front right door handle rear right door rear left door rear right door right doorhandle fromt right doorhandle front right doorhandle rear left doorhandle rear right fender front right fender rear right front left door front left door gloss front left door handle front left lence front left mirror assembly front left tyer front right door front right door gloss front right door handle front right lence front right mirror assembly front right mirror cap front right tyer fuel lid cap lower body panel lower body panel RS lower bodypanel RS lowerbody panel RS lowerbody panel right mirror cap mirror cap LS mirror cap RS mirror cap RS' mirror ls quarter panel LS quarter panel RS quarter window RS quarter window left quarter window right rear bomper rear break light rear bumper rear bumper sensors rear door rear fender rear left door rear left door gloss rear left door handle rear left fender rear left mirror assembly rear left quarter window rear left tail lamp rear left tyer rear right door rear right door gloss rear right door handle rear right doorgloss rear right fender rear right quarter window rear right tail lamp rear right tyer rear trenk cover rear trunk door handle rear window rear windshield rear winshild rera left tail lamp reverse back light rocker rocker cap side mirror right tail lamp left tail light left tail light right tail light right' tail light right\ top roof trunck cover trunk cover trye tyre wheel front left wheel front right wheel rear left wheel rear right window front left window front right window rear l window rear left window rear right windshied rear windshield rear