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Object Detection Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection




46, Apical Lesion, Apical lesion, Artifical crown, Braces, Buccoangular Impacted tooth, Calculus, Canal obliteration, Caries, Class 1 cavity filling, Class 2 cavity filling, Class 3 cavity filling, Class 4 cavity filling, Class 5 cavity filling, Convergent root, Cystic lesion, Decidious teeth, Dilaserasgon, Distoangular Impacted tooth, Divergent root, Endodontically treated teeth, External Object, External resorption, Filling, Fractured crown, Furcation lesion, Germ, Gingivitis, Horizontal Impacted tooth, Horizontal bone loss, Hypercementosis, Impacted tooth, Implant, Internal resorption, Inverted Impacted tooth, Lack of interproximal tooth contact, Lesion, Mesioangular Impacted tooth, Microdontic tooth, Open Apex, Open margin, Overeruption, Overhang, Periodontal bone loss, Pontic, Post, Post-Core Restorasyon, Prepared tooth, Pulp stone, Retainer, Root, Root fracture, Signs of bone structure disorder, Signs of caries, Signs of secondary caries, Socket, Supernumerary tooth, Tooth Discoloration, Ulcer, Vertical Impacted tooth, Vertical bone loss, Yeterli canal filling, Yetersiz canal filling, decay, gingevitis, object, undefined

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