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obed_minsoc_part_18 Computer Vision Project


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Object Detection




apple, bakery, beans, beef tongue, beet caviar, beetroot salad, black bread, borsch, buckwheat, butter, cabbage rolls, cabbage salad, canned corn, carrot salad, casserole, cauliflower, caviar from zuccihini, cheese, chiken, chops, cocoa, compote, cookie, croutons, cucumber, cutlet, drinking water in a bottle, egg, fish, fruit juise in a package, garlic, goulash, grated carrot, gravy, gravy meat, grenery, herring, herring with onions, meat, meatballs, milk, olives, onion, orange, pasta, pickled cucumber, pickled peppers, pickled tomato, pilaf, potato, potato salad, puree, rice, roast, salad with sour cream, sausage, souffle, soup, sour cream, squash caviar, stew, stewed cabbage, tea, tomato, vegetable salad, vinaigrette, white bread, white bread butter, yogurt, zucchini

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