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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Waste Sorting: Gonvarri 2.0 can be employed in waste management facilities to automatically sort and separate bulto items by their material types (carton, madera, plastico, metal), resulting in increased efficiency and reduction of manual labor.

  2. Manufacturing & Packaging: Industries that handle different types of bulto materials can use Gonvarri 2.0 for quality control, preventing items made from incorrect materials from slipping into the final product stream, and ensuring proper packaging based on material type.

  3. Recycling Facilities: Gonvarri 2.0 can streamline the recycling process by automating the identification and categorization of materials entering the facility, allowing for faster and more accurate separation of recyclable materials.

  4. Retail & Warehousing: This computer vision model can be used to optimize supply chain and inventory management, helping businesses to categorize and track bulto items by material type. This can improve overall efficiency and organization in warehouses, storage facilities, and retail stores.

  5. Customs & Border Control: Gonvarri 2.0 can be used to improve security and compliance at ports of entry by automating bulto material identification. This can help to reduce smuggling operations, ensure safety standards are met, and generally streamline the examination of imported goods to ensure they comply with import regulations.

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Instance Segmentation




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