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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Local Business Identification: The model can be utilized to recognize and identify various local businesses, brands, and shops in Burdwan based on the signboards or other identifying text. This can be useful for index mapping across the city or gathering data on local businesses.

  2. Road Mapping and Navigation: Words like 'road', 'bardhaman', and 'hay' could indicate potential use in identifying road names and landmarks in the city of Burdwan, aiding digital mapping projects and providing navigation assistance.

  3. Text-based Object Classification: The ability to identify words like 'cement', 'electronics', 'Amul', 'Titan' can be used for object classification, helping to identify objects (construction material, electronic devices, dairy items, watches) in images for a categorization or recommendation system.

  4. Document Analysis and Metadata Generation: The model could be used to review and analyze printed or digital documents (e.g., promotional brochures, local newspapers, ads) related to Burdwan by identifying specific keywords, generating metadata for further analysis or extraction of specific information.

  5. Emergency Services Locator: The model can be used to instantiate location-based services like identifying the nearest bank, hotel, or store during an emergency or for general public convenience based on visual cues from the streets of Burdwan.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Ali? All Amtala Amul Amulya Apollo Authorised Authorized Available Avallab B B???S B?I BABY BAJAJ BAKERS BAKERY BALANCING BALMORAL BANERJEE BANGUR BANK BANQUET BAPPA BARABAZAR BARD BARDDHAM BARDDHAMAN BARDH BARDHA?N BARDHAMAN BARDWAN BARWAN BASTRALAY BATTERIES BC BHAIRB BHANDER BHANGAK BLOCK BOARD BRANCH BRDW?? BRIVY BSNL BUILDING BURDWA? BURDWAN Ba Balmerol Bank Bar Barabazar Bardhaman Barsha Bata Beauty Bhangakuthi Branch Burdwan C CAKE CAKES CAMON CAN CANTEEN CAPTAIN CAR CE?ENT CEAT CEM?NT CEMEN CEMENT CHA? CHAMBER CHATI CHATTI CHIN CHITR CHITRALI CLI??? CO COLLAPSIBLE COLLECTION COMPLEX CONCRE CONCRETO CONSTRUCTION CORALS CPI CREATION CUMMINS CYCLE Cake Canon Celebrate Center Chatty Christma Co Collection Communication Confectionery Contact Coo???s Costume Crompton D DAAM DAY DCj DD DENT DENTAL DEY DIAMONDS DIASHAEYE DIRECT DISHA DISTRICT DIVA DOCTOR DOLLAR DONE DOOR DR DRIVE DRUGGIST DU??A Dairy Dalm? Dalm?a Dalmia Dass Dealer Dr Dulax Dulhan E EAST EASTERN EBARS EFFICIENT ELECTRICAL ELECTRICALS ELECTRONICS ENGINE ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE EQR ESTD EURO EVERY EXCLUCIVE EYE Electricales Electricals Enfield Engine Enquiries Exclusive Eye F FASHION FEDERAL FERTIL FERTILIS FERTILISER FIELD FLUSH FOR FORD FRUITS FURNITURE FUTURE Family Fan? Fans Fashion Filters Foods Footcare For Free G GAS GATE GEETA GEMS GHAR GHOSH GIFTS GITANJALI GL GLAMOUR GO GOLAPBAG GOLD GOODS GRAPHY GRILL GST GSTIN Garments Gift Gold Goldmeda Goldmedal Goods Gulabbagh HAMAN HANDLOOM HAVELLS HDFC HERE HO HOME HOSPITALS HOTEL HP Hair Here Heritage Hips Hokar Hotel House I IBRAHIM ICCU ICU IES IN IND IND?? INDIA INDIAN INN INSTITUT? INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL INTTUC IRTHA ITI Ibrahim Inayat Ind India Indusind Infotech J JAHID JEWELLERS JEWELLERY JEWELRY JN JNA JNATIRTHA JOB JORAMANDIR Jewellers Jewellery Jindal Jio K KAPIL KAPLY KASHABGHANG KESHABGANJ KHAN KIND KRISHNA KRISHNAPUR KU KUMAR Keshabganj LA LAYEl LEGE LEGGINGS LET LEXUS LEYLAND LIFE LIVFAST LODGE LOUHA LTD LUB??ANTS LUBRI?ANTS LUBRICANT LUNGI Lets Lights Loan M M??E MA?E MAA MACHIN MADE MAHARAJA MARBEL MARINO MARKETING MART MARUTI MATH MB MD MECHANICS MEDIATOR MEDICAL MEDIPHARMA MEDIUM MEHEDIBAGAN MICRO MILL MISSY MISTANNA MO MOB MOBI?E MOBILE MODERN MONDAL MONEY MORE MP MS MU?KAN MY Manyavar Marble Mart Matiar Medicines Megha Mob Mobile Mondal More N N?? NANDINI NAYAN NEAR NETWORK NEW NITROGEN NIVEDITA NIZE NNAPU?NA NO NOW NURSING NUVOCO Nag Nanfini Nawabhat Near No Non Nov OF ON??NE OOL OPEN OPP OPTICS OTHER? OXEMBERG Open Oure P PAINT PAINTS PANTHER PAPER PARADISE PARAS PARK PARKI?G PARKING PARTS PEAR PEARLS PEN PERMARKET PETROL PH PHARMACY PHILIPS PHONE PIERO PITAL PITTY PLACE PLAY PLY???D PLYWO PLYWOOD PN PO POINT POLICE POWER POWERTRAC PREMIUM PRIVATE PRODUCT PUMA PUMP PUNAM PUR PURBA PVT PW Petroleum Ph Pharmecy Place Plus Power Premium Priyanksha Prop Pumps Purba Pure QUALITY QUARTZ Quality R RA RADIO RAHMAN RAILWAY RAJA RAJBATI RALSON RAMKRISHNA RAY?OND RAZA RCA RDWAN RE RECHARGE REDEFINED REN RENT RENTED RENUKA REO REPAIRING RESISTA?T RESTAURANT ROAD ROOM ROTARY ROYAL Rahaman Raymond Read?made Resource Restaurant Reyna Rich Ro Roa Road Rooms Royal Rubi S SA??RI SABU SABURI SAFE SAHEB SALE SALES SAMANTA SAMSUNG SAN SANVIKA SARADA SARAITIKER SARATHI SAREE SARKAR SATAKE SAVC SAVCO SAVE SAWMILL SBI SCHOOL SE SEEMA SERIES SEWING SF SH?EE SHAMSUN SHAOMEE SHO? SHOE SHOP SHREE SHUTTER SHYAM SI SILKS SILVER SINCE SINGER SINHA SLOW SM SMA?T SMARTPHO? SMARTPHONE SMARTPHONES SOA? SOAP SOLUTION SONATA SONDHA SPARAS SPORTSWEAR SPRINT ST STATE STATION STD STEEL STIN STOR STORE STORES STRONG SU SUB SUDARSHAN SUDHA SUMO SUN SUPERMARK SUPERMARKET SURANA SURO SUSANTA SWITCHES SYSTEM SYSTEMS Saloon Saraitik?? Saraitikar Saver Series Service Sh Shiv? Sho? Shop Since Smart Soluti?? Solution Spa Specialist Sprite Sreeleathers Super Switch T TABLISHED TAHERS TAILOR TAITAN TAMANNA TATA TAXIS TECHNOLOGY TECNO TERRA THE THINK TIME TIMEX TISCON TITAN TJ TM TMT TO TPHONE TRA TRACTORS TRANSFER TRUST TYPES TYRE Talyaar Temple Texofab The Township Trade Trust Tubes Type Typs Tyres U UARD UCHIT UIN UIT UNIQUE UNIVERSITY USHA UTTARAYAN Under Undertaking V VALUE VARAITIES VEGROW VI VIVO VOLINI Vee?ol W W???COME WALE WATCH WATER WB WELCOME WESt WHITELINE WINDOW WOMAN WORD WORK WORKS WWW Wear Wheels Whirlpool Whitener Wholesale XER?X XEROX XIS Y YEARS ZAWHARAT Zoom a abar abarjana abdul abg abgs abhi ache adeshanusare adhigrihita adhikariker adhunik adi advantage af ag agaroal ai aich airtel aitikar ajanta akash aking amar amazing amazl amore amreen ams amtala ananda anantalal and angakuthi anjali anna anna??rna annaprasan annapurna anondo anumodito anusthaner apnar apolo apsara aqui ar ara are arpita asal asanna asben ash at ata ato aurbedic auto axis baba babostha baddajantra badhaman bag baik baitikar bajar bala bamandir bamkrishna bandemataram bandha bangla bank bara barabajar barabazar bardaman bardha bardhama? bardhaman bardhyaman bari barman bartaman basanpatra bastralaya batha batik bazar bazarer beding bedsit begam beina believe beloje benk bhabani bhanda bhandar bhander bharat bharater bharatiya bhasay bhog bhumi bhumi?skar bi bi?? bibaha biciroad bicray bicreta bikraer bikray bikreta bildars bilders bina binding bipabit bisesogo bishabiddyalaya bishanath bishasta biskut bisnu blauj blouse body booking bord bordhaman bordhoman bording bortoman bostraloy broth brothers bunk cal cati cemen cement central cha chabi chaki chalantika chamber chanachur chandra chati chinha chinhe chiradin chirantan chitrala chitralee choudhuri chrim chudidar churi churidar ci ciment cinemab citi cleanars cloth coffee collection com comiunation commercial confectionery cong congres craye cup dEYS da dafal dagel dak dami dana darkari das dasak datta dawra daymond dbiteyo debe decoretor deergha?al dek delibhari desiner dewya dey dha???le dhal dhamaka dhar dharaner dher dhonya di di?ar dilar din direct dirghaka disa dise disha diya diye dokan drabba drabber dragist dre??? dreses dry du ductar dudh dust dyers ebang echara ections eel ei eka ekhane electricales electricals em en enterpraij enterprije entorpraize er es etc etiem fa?bar farni fashan fashion fastfood felben finter fleks flute footcare friendly gahan gahana gali ganjchati garden gari garir garmen garments gas gayan ghare ghari ghose ghosh gif gift gitanjali gobindo gold gopal govt graharatna granite group gunamane? haimadrasa hal halama hall han hangakut hardoars hardware harmoniam haspita?? haspitals hat hate haus hay himalay hindu hindusthan hoi home homio hosiari hotel house iem ils in in? inasstitute ind?a india indiyan ityadi ja jabab jai jalil janaki jang janna jatishmahacharya jatna jay jaybaba je jela jents jewelers jewellers ji jindabad jinis jio joga?? juelars juwellers juyelaree juyelars juyelers ka kache kads kaichi kaju kakolis kale kalecshan kalekshan kali kalitala kallanee kallayan kamalsayar kangres kansa kantapukur kanthstich kara karak kari karjalay karun kashabgangchati katari ke kemist kendra kesabgang kesabganj kesh keshabgang keshabgangchaty khabar khabarer khadi khan khata khejur khonj khuchra khuchro khucra ki kichu kids kinbadanti kingbadanti klath klinic kohinu? kolkata komal kompanir konfekshanari kong kora korun kurti kuthi la ladies lagines laj lakkhi lakkhinarayan lars ledi legines lekha li list lite livfast lokanath loknath louha ma mabile macher madhumi madhumita madrasar mahajani man mandal mandir maner mangald?p mangaldeep manjula manma?ano manmatano mannan manobar manufacturing marbel market marrage mart masta matangini matir matri meda?? medikel meer megna mehendibagan meramat mesars meshi mihi milan minite mio mir mission mist mistanna misttanna mobail mobile moglai mohajani mohan mohinee mohini monginis morche more mub muri museum na nababhati nadiya naiti najmunara nama nami nandini nang narsharee narsi national nayan nd nda ndas nei netaji new nibedita nighti nije nimapo nirbachane nirbharjogga nirdharita nirmaner nittanutan nivedita nk nonee nongra o o set oarder of olonkar ome onkareshar onlin onontolal oppo order ousa? ousadhalay ousadher paben pachanda pad padarpan padma paikari paints pajab pal pala panar panjab pantharer paoya paper paras parichalita pariseba parls parthi parts pase pashchimbanga pashe pasport pata pawa peles pent??i? pepsi pesakagar pharmacy pharme phatak photo phul pi pichaner piece pitaler pitty plazo point popular posaker pourasabha pourosabha powergrind pra prachare prakar praphulla prarthi prasidha prasner prastat prathisthan pratibha pratisthan prience print priyajan pro protisthan pu puma punjab puratan purba pustak rabara?? rabi rad radha radio rail?? railbe raj rajbatee rajbati rajbaty rak rakam rakshit ram ramchanda ramchondra ranigangbajar rdhaman redimade redymade remond renka renuka repairers resturent rilaence ring rituparna riya road rohit rum ruti s?ar s?gandha sab sabar sahakare saheb saikel sakal sale sama? samagri samasta samastarakam samne samonta samya sananda sanstha sany sap sarabar sarada saraitikar saranjam sarathi sarbamangala sarbaraha sarbhis sarkar sasti sating sattakinkar sattyakinkar sawadu sayer se sekh sentar sente? senter set shaha? shakha shal shan shanibar shari shes shibaya shibshankar shilpa shobha shoe shop shreeleathers shreema shreya shri shubha shunkha si siddeshwari siddheswari sines singha sita ska? skan slim sonapatti sone sons soudaminee souradeep spasalist sree sri srilethers sta star state steshanaree steshon sthapita store stors stralay strong sudhee sugandha suiting sumangal sun suppliers surna sweets t? taher taila taim taime tairir taitan taj tal tangail tara tattha taxi tch tea teertha thakile thana the theke ti tiles tina tirodhi tirtha to tola tractor tractorer trinamul trinaul tumpa tyme uariums udbodhan ul unnata upanayan upashamakaree ur urja uttar uttarphatak vanda? varatya vmartretail vodafone vote wa wardaman warder watch woya yam your zawharat

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