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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Quality Control in Food Industry: Utilize the "Peanuts" computer vision model in food processing plants to automatically sort and separate peanuts based on their quality (with mold, without mold), ensuring that only high-quality peanuts are used in the production of peanut-based products such as peanut butter, candies, and snacks.

  2. Agriculture and Harvesting: Integrate the "Peanuts" model into agricultural machinery or drones to identify and monitor the quality of peanuts during the harvesting process. This would help farmers optimize their yield and reduce mold contamination in their peanut crops.

  3. Health and Safety Inspection: Equip health inspectors or food safety officers with the "Peanuts" computer vision model to quickly assess the quality of peanuts stored in warehouses or retail stores, reducing the risk of mold-related foodborne illnesses and improving overall food safety.

  4. Research and Analysis: Use the "Peanuts" model as a tool for researchers and analysts studying mold development in peanuts, allowing for easy categorization and examination of peanuts under different environmental conditions to better understand factors that contribute to mold growth.

  5. Peanut Allergy Detection Tool: Pair the "Peanuts" model with other computer vision models to create an app that can identify potential allergens in food images by detecting peanuts, assisting individuals with peanut allergies in making informed decisions about the safety of their food choices.

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