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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Orchard Management: "Manzanadas" can be used by farmers and orchard managers to monitor the health and ripeness of apple trees, enabling them to make data-driven decisions on when to harvest, apply treatments, or optimize pruning practices for the best yield.

  2. Apple Sorting and Grading: In apple processing facilities, the computer vision model can be deployed to quickly and accurately classify apples by type, color, size, and quality, streamlining the sorting process and reducing manual labor.

  3. Consumer Produce Selection Assistant: Integrating the "Manzanadas" model into a mobile app would allow consumers to identify and select the best quality apples during their shopping, ensuring they pick the tastiest and freshest apples for their needs.

  4. Educational Tool in Horticulture: As an educational resource, "Manzanadas" can be used by teachers and students to learn about different varieties of apples, their visual characteristics, and their ideal growing conditions, spreading the knowledge about apple cultivation techniques.

  5. Biodiversity and Conservation Research: Environmental scientists and researchers can utilize the "Manzanadas" computer vision model to study biodiversity, track changes in apple tree populations over time, and monitor the impact of climate change and other factors on apple tree varieties.

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