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Fish GoPro 20220519

Object Detection

Fish GoPro 20220519 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Fish Species Identification: This model can be used by marine biologists and other researchers to automatically classify and identify different species of fish based on image data collected in their studies.

  2. Aquaculture Management: The model can help fish farmers monitor and manage their fish populations more effectively by identifying different fish classes within their aquaculture systems.

  3. Environmental Conservation: Conservationists and environmental agencies can use this model to count and identify fish species in river and ocean environments as part of their wildlife preservation efforts.

  4. Fishing Compliance: Fishing industry regulators can use this AI model to inspect catch and ensure fishing practices are compliant with local and international laws by identifying the types of fish caught.

  5. Recreational Fishing: Anglers can use an application powered by this model to identify the fish species they catch and gain insights on their habits, suitable bait, and whether they are eligible to keep or must be released back into the water.

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