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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Recipe recommendation platform: Implement the "Kazakh food" model in a recipe recommendation platform, where users can upload images of ingredients they have on hand, and the platform will suggest Kazakh recipes based on the identified food classes.

  2. Smart nutrition tracking: Integrate the "Kazakh food" model into a nutrition tracking app, allowing users to log their meals more accurately by identifying the specific dishes they consume, and providing them with information about the nutritional content of the meals.

  3. Cultural food learning tool: Create an educational web application or mobile app that uses the "Kazakh food" model to help users learn about traditional Kazakh foods and their preparation methods, encouraging cultural understanding and appreciation.

  4. Food inventory and waste management: Use the "Kazakh food" model for businesses like restaurants or catering companies to track inventory and identify food waste more efficiently. By recognizing different Kazakh dishes, the system can monitor stock levels and alert the staff when the ingredients are low, expired, or when there is excess food that may need to be repurposed or consumed more quickly.

  5. Support local cuisine tourism: Incorporate the "Kazakh food" model into a travel application or website that allows tourists visiting Kazakhstan to identify and explore local dishes. Users can take photos of the dishes they encounter and get the model's analysis to provide details on ingredients and traditional preparation methods, enhancing their culinary experience.

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Kazakh Food 1

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asip, baursak, beshbarmak-w-kazy, beshbarmak-wo-kazy, borscht, chak chak, chak-chak, cheburek, chicken shashlyk, chicken shashlyk v, hvorost, irimshik, lagman fried, lagman no soup, lagman w soup, lagman-w-soup, lump shish kebap, lump shish kebap v, manty, minsed meat shashlyk, naryn, nauryz kozhe, olivier, orama, pelmeni fried, pelmeni no soup, pelmeni w soup, plain soup, plov, qattama nan, qurt, quyrdak, qymyz, ribs, samsa, shashlyk, sheep-head, shelpek, shorpa, suzbe, taba nan, taba_nan, talkan zhent, tomato cucumber salad, tomato salad, tomato-cucumber-salad, tomato-salad, trash, vareniki

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