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This is a dataset of blood cells photos, originally open sourced by cosmicad and akshaylambda.

There are 364 images across three classes: WBC (white blood cells), RBC (red blood cells), and Platelets. There are 4888 labels across 3 classes (and 0 null examples).

Here's a class count from Roboflow's Dataset Health Check:

BCCD health

And here's an example image:

Blood Cell Example

Fork this dataset (upper right hand corner) to receive the raw images, or (to save space) grab the 500x500 export.

Use Cases

This is a small scale object detection dataset, commonly used to assess model performance. It's a first example of medical imaging capabilities.

Using this Dataset

We're releasing the data as public domain. Feel free to use it for any purpose.

It's not required to provide attribution, but it'd be nice! :)

About Roboflow

Roboflow makes managing, preprocessing, augmenting, and versioning datasets for computer vision seamless.

Developers reduce 50% of their boilerplate code when using Roboflow's workflow, automate annotation quality assurance, save training time, and increase model reproducibility.

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