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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agricultural Quality Control: The "thessispangmalakasan" model could be used in agriculture to separate and categorize different types of bananas based on their class. This could improve sorting efficiency and ensure a higher standard of quality control.

  2. Grocery Inventory Management: Grocery store franchises could use this model to autonomously keep track of their banana stock, differentiating between banana types, assessing their ripeness or quality, and facilitating timely restocking.

  3. Health and Dietary Apps: With this model, health and nutrition apps can help users identify the type of banana they're consuming, providing accurate nutritional content depending on the banana class identified.

  4. Education: This model can be applied in educational settings, providing visual learning tools in botany classes where students can learn about different banana species.

  5. Food Processing and Manufacturing: Companies involved in processing bananas for use in food products (like banana chips, banana bread, etc.) could use the model to ensure they are using the correct banana classes for their products.

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