Curbside Activities Detection

Object Detection

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Curbside Activities Detection Computer Vision Project

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This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Object Detection




bicycles_running_curbside, bicycles_running_pavement, bicycles_running_road, bicycles_stopping_curbside, bicycles_stopping_pavement, bus_passenger drop-off/pick-up_curbside, bus_running_road, bus_stopping_curbside, bus_stopping_pavement, bus_stopping_road, container, container truck_goods loading/delivery_curbside, container truck_running_road, container truck_stopping_curbside, container truck_stopping_pavement, container truck_stopping_road, double-decker bus_passenger drop-off/pick-up_curbside, double-decker bus_running_road, double-decker bus_stopping_curbside, double-decker bus_stopping_road, dump containers_curbside, dump containers_pavement, dump truck_goods loading/delivery_curbside, dump truck_running_road, dump truck_stopping_curbside, dump truck_stopping_pavement, dump truck_stopping_road, excavator_construction work_curbside, excavator_construction work_pavement, flatbed truck_running_road, flatbed truck_stopping_curbside, flatbed truck_stopping_pavement, flatbed truck_stopping_road, goods_curbside, goods_pavement, light duty vans_goods loading/delivery_curbside, light duty vans_running_road, light duty vans_stopping_curbside, light duty vans_stopping_pavement, light duty vans_stopping_road, minibus_passenger drop-off/pick-up_curbside, minibus_running_road, minibus_stopping_curbside, minibus_stopping_road, motorcycles_running_road, motorcycles_stopping_curbside, motorcycles_stopping_pavement, motorcycles_stopping_road, private car_passenger drop-off/pick-up_curbside, private car_running_road, private car_stopping_curbside, private car_stopping_pavement, private car_stopping_road, taxi_passenger drop-off/pick-up_curbside, taxi_running_road, taxi_stopping_curbside, taxi_stopping_pavement, taxi_stopping_road, temporary road sign, trash_curbside, trash_pavement, trolley_curbside, trolley_pavement, trolley_road, truck_construction work_curbside, truck_goods loading/delivery_curbside, truck_running_road, truck_stopping_curbside, truck_stopping_pavement, truck_stopping_road, water-filled barriers_curbside, water-filled barriers_pavement, water-filled barriers_road

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CC BY 4.0