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Oil Palm Tree Detection Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Precision Agriculture: This model can be used by large-scale farmers and agricultural companies to identify, track, and monitor the health of Oil Palm Trees in a vast plantation. They can periodically apply this AI to evaluate tree growth, density, and identify any visually detectable diseases early.

  2. Deforestation Monitoring: Climate researchers and environmental protection agencies can use this model to monitor areas with oil palm trees. By comparing imagery over time, they can detect instances of significant changes, providing valuable data about deforestation practices or illegal logging activities related to Oil Palm Tree cultivation lands.

  3. Supply Chain Transparency: For food and cosmetics industries that use palm oil, the model can provide transparency in the supply chain. They can prove compliance with sustainable farming practices by showing regular aerial shots of their plantations, analyzed using this model.

  4. Remote Sensing Education: Students and professionals in the field of remote sensing and GIS could use this model as an example of species-specific tree detection for learning and applying techniques in their own projects.

  5. Urban Planning: City planners and landscape architects designing urban green spaces could use this model to identify where Oil Palm Trees are positioned, helping in the design-process to maintain, replace or reposition trees as per convenience or aesthetics.

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