Food scenes 2

Food scenes 2

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Food scenes 2 Computer Vision Project

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Nutrition Tracking App: The "Food scenes 2" model can be integrated into a nutrition tracking app to help users easily log their food intake. Users can simply take a picture of their meals, and the model will identify the different foods, their food class, and could even estimate the macronutrient profile.

  2. Dietary Compliance Aid: The model can be used in an app for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences (veganism, gluten-free, food allergies, etc.). It can identify incompatible menu items, helping users avoid restricted foods and maintain their diet regimen.

  3. Cooking and Recipe Applications: The model can be harnessed to identify food items in a user's pantry or fridge and suggest potential recipes based on the items identified.

  4. Food Waste Reduction: The model can be integrated into an app designed to reduce food waste. The app can track and remind users of what they have in their pantry, suggesting dishes to prepare before certain ingredients expire.

  5. Smart Grocery Shopping: An application can implement this model to help users with their shopping. Users can take a picture of their fridge or pantry, and the application will list the items they already have and suggest what they still need to buy based on their preferred or frequently cooked dishes.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Food scenes 2

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achichuk, airan-katyk, alcohol, almond, apple, apricot, arugula, asip, avocado, baked chicken, banana, bauyrsak, beacon, bean soup, beans, beef shashlyk, bell pepper, beshbarmak-w-kazy, beshbarmak-wo-kazy, beverages, blackberry, boiled chicken, boiled eggs, boiled meat, borsch, bread, brizol, broccoli, buckwheat, butter, cabbage, cakes, cashew, casserole with meat and vegetables, chak-chak, cheburek, cheese, cheese sauce, cherry, chili pepper, chips, chocolate, cinnabons, clementine, coffee, cooked bell pepper, cooked broccoli, cooked carrots, cooked chili pepper, cooked eggplant, cooked food, cooked food based on meat, cooked food meat with cereals, cooked food meat with vegetables, cooked garlic, cooked meat w gravy, cooked mushrooms, cooked potatoes, cooked tomatoes, cooked vegetables, cooked zucchini, cookies, corn, corn flakes, crepe, crepe with filling, croissant, cucumber, cutlet, dairy, desserts, dill, doner-lavash, dough based cooked food, dried fruits, egg product, eggplant, fats, fish, fish beshbarmak, french fries, fried cheese, fried chicken, fried eggs, fried meat, fried potatoes, fruits, garlic, grains, grains and cereals, grapefruit, grapes, grilled chicken, hachapuri, hamburger, hazelnut, herbs, honey, hummus, hvorost, irimshik, jam, juice, kazy-karta, ketchup, kiwi, kurt, kuyrdak, kymyz-kymyran, lagman-fried, lagman-w-soup, lagman-wo-soup, lavash, lemon, lime, mandarin, mango, manty, mashed potato, mayonnaise, meat, meat based soup, melon, milk, minced meat shashlyk, mint, mixed nuts, muffin, mushrooms, naryn, naryn with soup, nauryz-kozhe, noodles soup, nuggets, okroshka, oliv'e, onion, orama, orange, other, pahlava, pakhlava, pancakes, parsley, pasta, pastry, pastry n sweet baked w filling, pastry n sweet baked wo filling, pastry n sweet fried w filling, pastry n sweet fried wo filling, pastry sweet baked w filling, pastry sweet baked wo filling, pastry sweet fried w filling, pastry sweet fried wo filling, peach, peanut, pear, peas, pecan, persimmon, pickled cabbage, pickled cucumber, pickled garlic, pickled ginger, pickled maslina, pickled olives, pickled onion, pickled peppers, pickled tomato, pickled/fermented foods, pickles, pies, pineapple, pirozhki, pistachios, pizza, plov, plum, pomegranate, porridge, radish, raspberry, raw meat, ribs, rice, roasted chicken, rosemary, salad fresh, salad leaves, salad with fried meat/veggie, salad with sauce, samsa, sandwich, sauce, sausages, scallion, seafood, seafood and fish, shashlyk, shashlyk-chicken, shashlyk-chicken-v, shashlyk-kuskovoi, shashlyk-kuskovoi-v, shashlyk-minced-meat, shelpek, shorpa, smetana, smoked fish, smoked meat, snacks, snacks bread, soda, soup-plain, soups, soy nuts, soy sauce, spices, spinach, steak, strawberry, stuffed vegetables, sugar, sushi, sushi fish, sushi nori, sushi rice, sweets, syrniki, taba-nan, talkan-zhent, tartar, tea, tomate sause, tomato, tomato-cucumber-salad, tushpara-fried, tushpara-w-soup, tushpara-wo-soup, vareniki, vegetable based cooked food, vegetable soup, walnut, wasabi, water, watermelon, wings, yogurt, zucchini

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