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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Inventory Management: This model can be used to automate inventory management in warehouses. By identifying different objects, it can map and keep track of the inventory, like the number of pallets, boxes, cars, etc.

  2. Warehouse Surveillance: Warehouse-2 can be used to aid in surveillance by identifying persons, their activities, and the equipment they use, increasing safety and security in large storage facilities.

  3. Warehouse Space Optimization: The model can identify different objects in a warehouse and use these insights to suggest optimal space usage, positioning of goods, and layout design.

  4. Autonomous Guided Vehicles: The vision model can be installed on autonomous vehicles used in warehouse operations to recognize other objects like forklifts, pallet trucks, people, etc. track their movement, and avoid collisions.

  5. Warehouse Analytics and Reporting: By identifying different objects and their locations in the warehouse, this model can be used for creating comprehensive analytics reports about the warehouse operations, helping in decision-making processes.

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