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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Segregation Applications: "Large Çöp" could be used in apps or devices that aim to assist people in segregating waste properly. This might involve identifying easily recyclable materials like plastics, cardboard, etc., versus non-recycling garbage.

  2. Smart City Management: The model could be used as part of an intelligent municipal system to monitor levels of garbage in public containers. The data collected can then be used to optimize collection routines or to identify areas where additional waste bins might be necessary.

  3. Environmental Campaigns: Nonprofit organizations and government agencies could use "Large Çöp" to quantify litter or garbage in certain areas as part of cleanup campaigns or environmental awareness projects.

  4. Post-Event Clean Up: Event organizers could use this model to identify areas of large gatherings such as concerts or festivals that need immediate clean-up, making the process more efficient and timely.

  5. Industrial Waste Management: At an industrial level, this model could be useful in managing and optimizing waste disposal, timely identifying if waste bins are reaching capacity and need removal.

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