캡스톤 디자인

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe CAP 캡스톤 디자인

캡스톤 디자인 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Lost & Found Assistance: The "캡스톤 디자인" model can be used in public places and facilities like schools, libraries, airports, and offices to analyze surveillance footage to identify lost items like earphones, wallets, and cards, and subsequently help return them to their owners more efficiently.

  2. Retail Inventory Management: In retail stores, the model can be applied to monitor inventory and keep track of the number of earphones, wallets, and cards in stock by analyzing in-store security camera footage or shelf-mounted cameras - improving stock management and replenishment.

  3. Smart Home Organization: The model can be integrated into a smart home system to recognize and categorize household items. Using indoor cameras, it can help users locate misplaced earphones, wallets, or cards and suggest better organization techniques within the living space.

  4. E-commerce Product Recommendations: The "캡스톤 디자인" model can be used in e-commerce platforms to analyze user-generated images (e.g., product reviews or item selections) to determine their preferences and interests for earphones, wallets, and cards. This can help generate personalized product recommendations for users.

  5. Accessibility for Visually Impaired: By integrating the "캡스톤 디자인" model into a smartphone or wearable device, visually impaired users can receive real-time feedback on the location and type of items (earphones, wallets, cards) in their immediate environment, aiding them in daily tasks and enhancing their independence.

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