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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Home Automation: This computer vision model can be used in smart homes to detect and classify different types of lighting sources, automatically adjusting brightness, color temperature, or turning on/off lights to create an ideal atmosphere based on user preferences or time of day.

  2. Virtual Reality and Game Development: The matterport model can be employed in creating realistic lighting environments in virtual worlds, games, or simulations to enhance user experience. By detecting and analyzing the light sources in a given scene, the model can help developers design natural and immersive lighting effects.

  3. Architectural Design and Analysis: By detecting and classifying light sources in interior and exterior spaces, architects can evaluate and optimize natural and artificial lighting in their designs. This could improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and create more comfortable spaces for occupants.

  4. Film and Photography Lighting Optimization: The computer vision model can be used by filmmakers and photographers to analyze and adjust light settings based on the detected light classes. This will enable them to create the desired mood and achieve better visual aesthetics in their shots.

  5. Safety and Security Systems: The matterport model can help identify, monitor, and control various light sources in public spaces or commercial buildings, such as streetlights, parking lots, or building exteriors, to improve safety and security. By ensuring appropriate lighting, the system can help prevent accidents or deter criminal activities.

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Object Detection




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