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Object Detection




0, 120KPH, 8, 80KPH, Adnan, Cycle Zone, Danger Ahead, Deer Zone, End of Right Road -Go straight-, Give Way, Go Left or Straight, Go Right or Straight, Go Straight, Huddle Road, Left Curve Ahead, Left Sharp Curve, No Entry, No Over Taking, No Over Taking Trucks, No Stopping, No Waiting, Osman, Pedestrian, Right Curve Ahead, Right Sharp Curve, Road Work, RoundAbout, Slippery Road, Snow Warning Sign, Speed Limit 100, Speed Limit 120, Speed Limit 20, Speed Limit 30, Speed Limit 50, Speed Limit 60, Speed Limit 70, Speed Limit 80, Stop, Traffic Signals Ahead, Truck Sign, Turn Left, Turn Right, Yousef, bus_stop, do_not_enter, do_not_stop, do_not_turn_l, do_not_turn_r, do_not_u_turn, enter_left_lane, green, green_light, left_right_lane, no_parking, parking, ped_crossing, ped_zebra_cross, railway_crossing, red, red_light, speed limit - 20, speed30, speed60, speedLimit(100), speedLimit(120), speedLimit(40), speedLimit(60), speedLimit(80), stop, t_intersection_l, traffic_light, u_turn, warning, yellow, yellow_light, z100, z30, z40, z50, z60, z70, z80, z90, Автобус, Велосипедная дорожка, Въезд запрещен, Главная дорога, Грузовики, Движение запрещено, Дети, Дорожные работы, Жилая зона, Заправка, Искусственная неровность, Неровная дорога, Ограничение скорости 20, Ограничение скорости 40, Остановка запрещена, Пересечение с велодорожкой, Пешеходный переход, Уступи дорогу

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